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Your “Ultimate” Home Business Opportunity

The Freeway Connection is not just

a home based business!


So just what is The Freeway Connection?

The Freeway Connection Is . . .


>>Your Gateway To Financial Freedom<<

>>5 Simple Steps To Taking Your Income To Another Level<<

>>5 Product Packages Wrapped Around 5 Compensation Plans<<

>>Leverage At The Very Best<<

The Freeway Connection is your road map for earning not just an additional income, but

Multiple Monthly Checks!


In your search for the PERFECT home business, The Freeway Connection is committed to helping you become successful through the sale of our products.  You are able to earn residual checks! Not just 1 check, not just 2, not 3 or even 4.  The income potential at The Freeway Connection is what YOU want it to be.

We’ll supply the support, the training and the materials – You supply the determination!


You can earn money through our compensation structures by building a team of independent representatives.  Inside The Freeway Connection you’ll find a team build where the company takes the lead working with you, and your sponsor, and your upline and your downline helping each and every person achieve their goals and dreams of owning a successful home business.


The Freeway Connection is everything wrapped into
one ultimate home business where everyone WINS!

The Freeway Connection is a company that takes a totally different approach to helping its’ independent representatives.


From Day 1, The Freeway Connection has been very accessible.  We pride ourselves on our “live” customer service AND access to Doc Lett, the owner and CEO.  Our mission has always been and continues to be helping each and every independent representative succeed.

Here at The Freeway Connection you don’t need to worry about figuring out where to start or what to say.  With the combination of our Follow The Steps System, our unique Stacking The Deck Campaign, and our Advertising Campaigns, we are confident you will find The Freeway Connection a home business that will help you achieve the success you have always been striving for.

The Freeway Connection Provides


Create your own “Triple Play”  In This Million Dollar Opportunity!


“If you bought a franchise business you would spend millions before you earned your first buck.
Here you can spend a buck a month and work your way to Millions!” ~Charles in Dalmatia, PA~

One Team Locking Arms

To Financial Independence

The Freeway Connection is helping each member of each team build a team of 39.

How, you might ask? . . . With our “TRIPLE PLAY” Campaign!

Build A Team of 39

3 people helping 3 people for 3 levels!

The Freeway Connection continually conducts HUGE marketing campaigns.  Millions of emails go out each month, along with posting classified ads in cities throughout the United States each and every day.  We are sending text messages to thousands each month, along with thousands of ringless voice drops to people who are looking for an income opportunity.  These new members must go somewhere, so we will be placing them under you!  Your team can grow at a rapid pace with the assistance of our Company Wide Marketing Campaign.

All you need to do is help us work with your team!  Don’t worry, we are with you every step of the way.  The Freeway Connection has the tools, the email swipes, the scripts, etc.  We’ll even do 3-way calling with you!

The Freeway Connection is your Gateway To Financial Freedom!


Build Your Business Virtually Hands Free!

Participate in Our Advertising Co-Op

The Freeway Connection provides it’s own customized marketing system, that you can choose to utilize.  It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.


You may also choose to participate in any of our Advertising Co-Op that fits your needs and start receiving traffic, opt-ins and sign ups directly to your link!  The Freeway Connection does all the advertising for you.


If you are looking for ways to show people how to easily duplicate building a home business – THIS IS FOR YOU!

Add the Marketing System and Advertising Co-Op!

The Freeway Connection advertises on YOUR behalf!

They start their home business!

You get the Credit – You get a New Member!

That’s it . . . it is just as simple as that!

Do you think you can take a few minutes to earn substantial monthly and weekly checks?

Just Follow Our Road Map to Financial Independence!

The Freeway Connection is committed to taking you from Point A To Point B in a very short amount of time.

There are many ways to get to your financial destination.  The Freeway Connection provides you a very simple proven Follow The Steps System that can take your income to a whole new level.

Easy Triple Play Campaign To Get You Into Profit FAST

The Freeway Connection Marketing System and Advertising Co-Op.  We Advertise Your Link For You!  Virtually Hands Free!


Benefits to Put Money In Your Pocket TODAY!


Products To Get You In The Door


Proven “Follow The Steps” System To Get You Into Profit FAST!


The Freeway Connection has done its homework on the best types of affiliate compensation structures to achieve massive income with the least amount of time, effort, and money!

The Freeway Connection has put together a very simple “Follow The Steps” System that will guide you from one compensation structure to another all while creating an additional income for you and your family.

We would like to introduce our sister company, People Helping People Worldwide.  Be sure to check out the recorded webinar that shows how they fit together.

The Triple Play Campaign All Starts Right Here with 1 little bitty dollar!

The1DollarThing Logo
  • A Simple 5x5 Forced Matrix
  • 2 Upgrades taking income to over $47,000 Per month
  • $5 per month

  • 4x4 Forced Matrix
  • Solid $1,360 Per Month
  • $20 per month

  • 2x2 Matrix – Only 6 People
  • Pays Weekly – Earn Over and Over Again
  • $20 One-Time Product Purchase

  • 3x3 Matrix – Only 39 People
  • Earn 100% Matching Override Commissions
  • $33 per month

The Freeway Connection is a company that started in 2009 and, during these past years, we have established a proven track record with members around the world.


Doc Lett, the owner and CEO, has been around the block a time or two and knows how to help ordinary people earn a substantial income working part-time from home.  He provides top of the line software, back office technology, along with “live” customer service.  Since playing football in college, where he caught the networking bug, Doc knows the importance of TEAM WORK!  His mission has always been to help the “little guy” earn additional monies.  Doc realized early on this industry requires a team effort – he know by helping you succeed, you will be helping other succeed.  IT IS A WIN WIN WIN!


You’ll find we do things a little bit different around here at The Freeway Connection – We actually work with each and every member to ensure NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND!

Contact the person who referred you to The Freeway Connection to get their link so you can become part of this awesome opportunity and ensure you are properly placed!

If you do not have a sponsor, give the office a call and we will be sure to place you with a very successful team leader immediately, so you can get started today!




Events Information

Tuesday and Thursday Webinar
7:00 p.m. CST/8:00 p.m. EST

Every Saturday Webinar
10:00 a.m. CST/11:00 a.m. EST

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